2015 Ulitimate Spirits Challenge

2015 Ulitimate Spirits Challenge
May 7, 2015 admin
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Rebecca Creek Whiskey Ranked in Top 3 at 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge


Earlier this year, we here at Rebecca Creek decided that we needed to test our Texas Whiskey against some of the most recognized brands in the country. We, of course, couldn’t do this ourselves, ‘cause we know our whiskey is the best there is, so we sent her in to be judged during the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. The most famous sommeliers (that’s a fancy way of saying ‘people who like to taste all kinds of booze’) from across the country flock to the USC to judge as the entrants wait to see which beverage comes out on top.

Rebecca Creek Whiskey placed 3rd in the American Whiskey category, scoring a 93 out of 100. Although two other companies were tied for the third place spot, Rebecca was $30.00 less expensive than the other two third-placers, giving it the “Best Value” prize along with the 3rd place trophy.

Find out for yourself just how sweet Rebecca can be. But, a word to the wise, she can also pack quite a punch.


And don’t just take the USC’s word for it. Stop by the distillery for a taste test and check out how the good stuff is made.

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