A Gift That Makes Scents

A Gift That Makes Scents
December 3, 2015 Becky Ruisseau
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At a loss for gift ideas this holiday season? Grab one of these pleasantly pungent Rebecca Creek signature candles for the whiskey lovers in your life. They will light up your holidays, we promise.


Devil’s Cut

Indulge in the dregs with this complex fragrance – dark, woody and musky with a hint of The Furies and transgression. Named after the whiskey trapped in the wood of a barrel after the emptying, the aroma is mouthwatering and is occasionally known to inspire morally ambiguous goings-on.


Enchanted Rock Candy

This well-rounded scent is the perfect blend of fresh air and Indian paintbrush pollen – powdery florals, if you will. If you close your eyes, you can taste the honey suckle in the sweet top notes at the peak of this fragrant experience. We guarantee you will be strongly inclined to come back for more.


Happy Hour

A sexy, fresh aroma with a base note of after-work stress relief, this candle is perfect for the workingman, the chic young adult, the mid-level barista or the “self employed” musician. It’s a delicious aroma with subtle hints of daydreaming.


Angel Share

Rise to the occasion with the Angel Share candle. It captures the essence of a guardian angel without all the responsibility of a conscience. Named for the whiskey that evaporates during aging process, Angel Share should be lit for all the saints in your life.


Dusty Oak

You guessed it – this one is both dusty and oaky. It begins with a note of dust supported by a background of woods and finishes with an oak composition. It is, in a word, earthy. Really, really earthy.



The musk of 6th Street in Austin comes alive with this scent. Close your eyes and you can picture yourself stumbling in heels, losing a friend or texting your ex. It has a base note of reality founded in a truth serum of sorts.


80 Proof

Nothing less than 80 Proof can create an atmosphere of such relaxation. Good intentions blend with amnesty to create a soothing tenor reminiscent to the crashing waves of an ocean.


Rebecca’s Spirit

Few candles are as full of creamy, rich, smooth fragrance as Rebecca’s Spirit. It is warm and tasty. The sophisticated scent is robust, but depending on preference, can hit tangy notes of a chaser or the sweet subtleties of a mixer.


Whiskey & Leather

The Urban Cowboy of the bunch, this scent is carrying a flask and hitting up all the karaoke bars in West Texas. It is a down-to earth top note with an on-the-rocks ambiance. All the gents want this candle and all the ladies want to smell it.

Order some delicious-smelling candles just in time for your holiday gift giving.

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