Home Bar Essentials: A Gift Guide

Home Bar Essentials: A Gift Guide
December 10, 2015 Becky Ruisseau
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whiskey stones

This list of home bar essentials conveniently doubles as a holiday guide for the whiskey lover in your life. Whether you need to scoop up a few of these items for your own home bar, you are looking to surprise your secret santa or you just need a solid gift for pops, take a look at our gift guide below. Entertaining over the holidays is inevitable, so be sure you and your loved ones are prepared with these cocktail concocting must-haves.


Sphere Ice Molds

Cubes are…. well, square. Don’t let your libation look lame. This clever purchase can mold your sipping experience with its sophisticated cylindrical design. Taste comes full circle with these artistic ice balls. They are ultra slow-melting and keep your drinks cold without watering them down.

circular ice mold

Photo coutesy of SurLaTable.com

Whiskey Stones

Guests will enjoy their beverages literally on the rocks with these cubes of all-natural Vermont Soapstone. The stones are nonporous, so they will not impart any flavors or odors to your drink. The perfect cube shape of the stones also forms a solid surface area that allows for a better and more even chilling.

whiskey stones

Photo coutesy of SurLaTable.com


Copper Hammered Bar Tool Set

This elegant cocktail set includes a cocktail spoon, ice tongs, double jigger and strainer. For the eager mixologist in your life, this gift features all of the necessities without breaking the bank.

Copper Hammered Bar Tool Set

Photo courtesy of http://www.williams-sonoma.com/



Rebecca Creek Whiskey® Bar Key

Despite the quality of liquor and the knowledgeable bar keep, some individuals will inevitably still want a beer. For those with a simple palate and an easy-to-please attitude, pick up this Rebecca Creek Bar Key. Open bottles wth speed and kindly instruct them have a seat on the couch and watch the game.

Rebecca Creek Bar Key



Ralph Lauren Preston Coasters

Slide one of these bad boys under guests’s beverages and BAM! – no unsightly water ringlet on your beautiful wood furniture. These Ralph Lauren coasters are both functional and handsome. The saddle leather and stitching detail communicates class, exquisite taste and gender neutrality.

Ralph Lauren Coasters

Photo courtesy of www.bloomingdales.com


Enchanted Rock Vodka® Frosted Shot Glass

Gear up for the next get-together with this shot glass bearing the name of your favorite vodka – Enchanted Rock Texas Vodka. Toss it in the freezer 30 minutes before use for a perfectly chilled mouthful of fine liquor.



Shipwright Bar Cocktail Shaker

A statement shaker is the best way to say, “I am a cocktail monarch.” Serve guests the best of the best in this octopus detailed copper-plated cocktail shaker. Its handmade design will make you want to seas the day.

cocktail shaker

Photo courtesy of www.anthropologie.com


We have more where that came from. Take a peek at our other essential barware accessories for any and every home bar.

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