How to Drink Whiskey Like a Pro

How to Drink Whiskey Like a Pro
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 How to Drink Whiskey Like a Pro

Whiskey, in its original language, means ‘life giving water,’ and we’d definitely agree to that. For hundreds of years, whiskey has been viewed as the ‘finer’ spirit of choice for those who want to show off at a business meeting or sip it alone in their backyard. But how can you make sure that you’re getting maximum enjoyment out of your whiskey experience? Don’t worry; we’re here to help.


Get the Right Glass

Really, this step is unnecessary if you’re looking to get whiskey into your system, but for a true whiskey aficionado, the glass is one of the most important parts of the whiskey experience. The most widely used glass is the snifter, the wide bottomed glass that has an hourglass shape. The snifter allows the whiskey to breathe properly and lets certain flavors expand as the drinking experience goes on. If you don’t have the proper foundation for the whiskey, your entire experience will be thrown off.


To Ice, or Not to Ice?

If you want to see an argument break out real quick, scream out ‘I’ll have whiskey on the rocks,’ at a bar. Undoubtedly, there will be someone who snubs their nose at you, while another patron will raise his glass in your direction. Some people say that putting ice in whiskey waters it down too much, and that the chlorine that resides in the water that the ice is made of can throw off the flavors of your whiskey. Others say to take the whiskey at room temperature and just add a splash of water. This takes down the bite from the alcohol and brings out some of the more mellow flavors locked away in the whiskey. An even more avid group supports the marble rocks. These can be purchased at any kitchen store, and are really nothing but cube shaped rocks. You toss them into the freezer and stick them into your whiskey before drinking. It cools it down without watering down the beverage, which is really the best of both worlds.


Smellin’ Your Whiskey

You might turn your nose up at the wine snobs at restaurants that stick their nose into their glasses and take a long, deep breath, but actually, they’re onto something. When you smell your wine or whiskey, you’re not just being snobby, you’re preparing your senses for what’s about to happen. Whiskey, although less alcoholic than some other spirits, has a high enough alcohol content that it actually shocks your nose and throat as you drink it. Smelling your whiskey can get you acclimated to what’s to come and you can actually enjoy your drink a lot more.


Get the Right Whiskey

Everyone has their favorite, and they’ll be darn glad to tell you what it is. Some whiskeys are more pungent, while others have a mellower, sweeter taste to them. Here at Rebecca Creek, we created the perfect whiskey for every experience. Our blended whiskey has the sweeter flavor you love with the bite that you can’t live without.


Come into the distillery and see how it all happens. You might even walk away with a drink or two, and what’s better than that?

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