Low Cal Enchanted Gimlet

Low Cal Enchanted Gimlet
December 3, 2015 Becky Ruisseau
In Recipes
Enchanted Rock Vodka Gimlet

Low Cal Enchanted Gimlet

We understand there’s times where you may wanna drop a bit here or there (just never drop our bottles, that’s a sin). So our master mixers behind the bar mixed up this brilliant concoction to keep you losin’ but with a drink that tastes truly divine. Introducing the Low Cal Enchanted Gimlet.


  • 2 oz Enchanted Rock Vodka
  • 1 lime
  • 2 packets of powdered stevia


  1. Mix all ingredients (and squeezed limes) over ice.
  2. Drink up that low cal mixture and enjoy!

And while you’re working that low cal game, you’ll need to find a new outfit to go along with that figure. We’ve got ya covered.

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