Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey


We’ve created a true Texas whiskey unlike any other with a taste profile set between the light body of a Canadian whisky and the full flavor of a bourbon whiskey. Our blended whiskey also goes through our unique 28-degree frost filtration system, delivering a taste profile that has made Rebecca Creek an award-winning brand. We invite whiskey drinkers everywhere to try us for your next cocktail, and you will find our unique taste holds true whether you drink it straight, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixer.

Rebecca Creek Texas Single Malt Whiskey

Rebecca Creek Texas Single Malt Whiskey is crafted with 100% malted cocoa barley. We distilled, barreled, aged, and bottled our single malt whiskey at Rebecca Creek Distillery in San Antonio, Texas. Rebecca Creek Texas Single Malt Whiskey gives you a unique cocoa impression that mates well with the oak profile gained in the aging process. We think you’ll agree that our Texas Single Malt Whiskey will leave you with a smooth whiskey palate impression.

Aroma: Light caramel, light vanilla, well integrated oak, cocoa in background, smooth. Mouthfeel: Medium, light oak tannins. Flavor: Starts with caramel and cocoa yields to mature oak notes with a finish of medium complexity. Overall: Pairs best with single ice cube.

Batch 2015 (just over 5,400 bottles) is in stores now on limited reserve, so grab a bottle while you can!

Texas Ranger Whiskey™


Texas Ranger Whiskey™ is carefully crafted and blended in the Texas Hill Country at Rebecca Creek Distillery. We combine a blend of different whiskeys with pure limestone filtered Edwards Aquifer water. Our proprietary blend reflects the integrity, precision, and uniquely bold character that is the legend and mystique of the Texas Ranger name. With enticing hints of vanilla, caramel, and toasted nuts, this incredibly light, smooth, Texas blend is truly … Legendary!

Enchanted Rock Ultra-Premium Vodka

We took the name “Enchanted Rock” from the massive granite dome in the heart of the Texas Hill County near Fredericksburg, Texas. Enchanted Rock Vodka® is 100% corn-based making it gluten-free. Our vodka is ten times distilled in copper pot stills and is frost-filtered at 28 degrees. This unique process removes any remaining impurities, giving the final product a smooth, clean taste with a medium body and sweet finish. This award winning vodka is a favorite of vodka connoisseurs everywhere.

Enchanted Rock Peach Flavored Vodka


This latest addition to our vodka celebrates Fredericksburg, Texas. Our award winning 70 proof peach flavored vodka is ten times distilled and undergoes 28-degree frost filtration, and features a taste profile built to mimic the taste of a Fredericksburg Stonewall peach. This process allows you to enjoy a subtle hint of peach flavor without overpowering the taste of our premium vodka.

Want to see it to believe it? Join us for a free distillery tour every Thursday from 6pm – 10pm, Friday from 4pm – 10pm, Saturday from 12pm – 5pm, and Sunday from 1pm – 5pm. Cap off your tour with a sampling in our tasting room or stock up on Rebecca Creek gear in our gift shop.

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