Ten Signs You Know You’re in Texas

Ten Signs You Know You’re in Texas
May 12, 2015 admin
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Ten Signs You Know You’re in Texas


We all love Texas. Whether it’s the rolling hill country, the forests of the East, the desert of the West, or the prairie of the North, Texas has something for everyone. But when you’re comin’ home from a long vacation, what makes you feel like you’re back in the Lone Star State?


10) You get brought sweet tea at a restaurant without asking

Texas Sweet Tea

9) You see more Whataburgers than McDonalds

Texas Fast Food

8) High school football teams are more popular than NFL teams

Texas High School Football

7) You see ‘Big Red’ on the menu at restaurants

Big Red Cans

6) People’s work boots are their dress boots

Texan Boots

5) You see ‘Keep Austin Weird’ shirts everywhere

Keep Austin Weird

4) It takes at least an hour to drive to any other city

Texas Country Road

3) You hear ‘y’all’ everywhere

Cowboy Hat Tip

2) Your chili DOESN’T have beans in it

Texas Chili

1) You’re drinking Texas Whiskey

Rebecca Creek Whiskey - Forget the World


What’s your favorite? What didn’t make it onto the list? We know you love Texas, almost as much as you love Texas whiskey. So why not get a Texas Whiskey hat to go along with that Texas flag shirt?


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