Top 6 Reasons Why Whiskey Girls Rule

Top 6 Reasons Why Whiskey Girls Rule
July 21, 2015 admin
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Your choice of drink says a lot about you. Let’s face it you’re judged by what you choose to drink.

And we know whiskey has typically been called a “man’s drink.” Sinatra, Mark Twain, and more recently a Mister Donald Draper, are rarely seen without a glass of the good stuff in hand. But here at Rebecca Creek Distillery, we wanna take some time to give the glory to the whiskey girls out there and highlight a few reasons why whiskey girls rule.

 6. She’s Sophisticated:

There’s definitely a reason why she chose whiskey, more importantly Rebecca Creek Whiskey. She’s not looking to get trashed like the rest of them.  She’s looking to be as intense as her drink, and honestly, she just wants to enjoy her beverage. She’s delightful, smooth, and mature just like her whiskey.

 5. She’s Mysterious:

She’s not your typical tequila-drinking girl. She’s not going to talk your ear off about her life story. Part of her is always hidden, but after she lets you in, you’ll realize how passionate and unique she is – about as much as a fine aged whiskey.

 4. She knows a good thing when she’s got it:

She could choose to throw down cheap shots of vodka, but she doesn’t. She thoroughly enjoys the smooth taste of a nice brown spirit. She savors each and every sip. Chances are that rolls over into other aspects of her life. She appreciates the little things in life, and knows a good thing when she has it.

 3. She’s so worth it:

She chooses whiskey because she’s complicated, but she hides a wild streak that you don’t know about. She’ll never stand for a passionless and ordinary relationship. She will challenge you to be a better man- and by sharing a refreshing glass of Rebecca Creek Whiskey with you, she’s one step closer to doing just that.

 2. She’s Powerful:

This girl knows what she is worth and she demands respect (sounds a lot like our top 3 ranked American Whiskey). She is not going to be the doormat that anyone walks over. If someone crosses her boundaries, she will set them straight and move forward, and yea, we like that in a woman.

 1. She’s an adventure:

A whiskey-drinking woman knows that going on an adventure is not to a place, but a state of mind. She will find a little bit of magic in an ordinary day. And you better believe you’ll never have a dull moment with this girl.

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Is that whiskey girl you? Well how ’bout you pick up a bottle of Rebecca Creek Whiskey and celebrate your awesomeness? Or come on down for a tour sometime. Your choice.

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