Vanilla Pear Cocktail Made w/ Enchanted Rock Vodka

Vanilla Pear Cocktail Made w/ Enchanted Rock Vodka
October 14, 2015 Becky Ruisseau
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Enchanted Rock Vodka Vanilla Pear Cocktail

Vanilla Pear Cocktail Recipe

Sweet, fruity and Texan, all come together to the perfect blend on your tongue. Never has vanilla been so perfectly paired than in this cocktail made with the freshest of pear juice and our award-winning Enchanted Rock Vodka. Enjoy all three together regardless of the season; the vanilla pear cocktail is perfect during a summer day sitting under a tree or during winter cuddled up in a blanket. No matter the occasion, this one is sure to please.


  • 6 oz Enchanted Rock Vodka
  • 12 oz pear juice
  • 1/2 vanilla been with seeds scraped
  • sliced pear for garnish


  1. Mix pear juice and vodka in shaker.
  2. Cut vanilla bean and scrape seeds into shaker.
  3. Add ice, shake 20 sec.
  4. Stain over more ice, garnish and enjoy! (makes 4)

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